fang spoke at : 10:26 PM


loves to drink tea
loves to eat wanton mee
loves to pack things very neatly
loves to maintain cleanliness
loves to change his room orientation
loves to shop
loves to have jap food
loves to get comfortable shoes
loves to watch movie
loves to go simlim
loves to check out new IT stuff
loves to go IT shows
loves to check mails
loves to call
loves to take photos
loves his phone
loves his dog alpha
loves to keep fish
loves to go fish stall
loves tp
loves simimasen
loves to play psp
loves to know tt pple appreciates what he does
loves to help pple
loves to play with celeste
loves 'his boss'
loves tampines
loves to use pink and orange highlighter
loves to use heavy pencil
loves to organise his things
loves to sleep late
loves to get a car
loves to let me drive at times
loves to walk the dog with me
loves to swim
loves to blade
loves to travel
loves to plan
loves to watch tv discovery channel!
loves his friends
loves his hair
loves his room
loves his red crumpler
loves me ...

fang spoke at : 2:26 AM

There was a time in my life
When I opened my eyes and there you were
You were more then a dream
I could reach out and touch you girl
That was long ago
There are some things that I guess I'll never know
When you love someone you got to learn to let them go

When I dream about you
Thats when everything's alright
You're in my arms, here next to me, forever
When I dream about you
Girl you never go away
Just close my eyes wait for my dreams
Cuz I still love loving you

How can I get you to see
That I'm fallin apart since you've been gone
I could never be sure
I could ever let go
Your love is much too strong
There are some things that I guess I'll never know
When you love someone you got to learn to let them go

fang spoke at : 8:37 PM

next time i really really have to assess what pple says before i make a decision.
cannot be conned!!

fang spoke at : 12:27 AM

many thanks to amanda and eileen. and probably chang sensei.
i am beginning to pick up a new hobby that i have abandoned a long time ago. or did i ever picked it up before? Reading.
special thanks to amanda's 'pigeon' for sending a book to my mailbox tt set me reading all these days. ( alright maybe jus this week) I am aiming to FINISH this book soon, sth tt i had never done for super long.except the noddy storybooks tt i read in pri sch? heh. and lit texts. heh.
and i hope to not jus end at this. i wan to continue reading on and on!
like what chang sensei says, u learn best between the age of 20-25. i've kinda let go of two yrs. and i am gonna treasure the next three.


fang spoke at : 12:45 PM


幸运的孩子 爬上了殿堂
单纯的孩子 是否变了样

跟著游戏规则 学著成长
轰轰烈烈的排行 沸沸扬扬的颁奖
当人心变成市场 当市场变成战场
回想著理想 稀薄的希望
走著钢索 我的刚强
伟大和伪装 灰尘或辉煌
那是一线之隔 或是一线曙光

一生等一次 发光
刺在我心脏 永远不忘
默默的让这旋律 和我心交响
至少在我的心中 自己为自己鼓掌

每个孤单天亮 我都一个人唱
默默的让这旋律 和我心交响
就算会有一天 没人与我合唱
至少在我的心中 还有个尚未崩坏的地方
孩子一样 不肯腐烂的土壤

fang spoke at : 11:09 PM

me gave a prescription for mama for her skin condition. hehehe.
these few days many pple are falling sick wor. including dear and family.
but glad tt they are recovering le.
and like what wang lao shi says we must not miss out on any opportunities to put what we learnt into practice!! hehehe!
okie still i hope tt they all recover very sooN!! its not nice to be sick .

fang spoke at : 9:47 PM


chipmunks are oh so cute!! oh my gosh. falling in love with them. sweet creature. and this one has really fat cheeks like me! hoho. (:

silky terrier. drew's dog's breed. but this shld be a very young dog. cos it still has alot of hair. compared to the almost always botak alpha. poor alpha. hahaha. aint it cute?!! so innocent looking. hee.

a lil bored from studying. amazed tt i am up at such a late hour. cos it is so not me to be not sleeping after 1am. hahaha. cos i took nap and i drank tea.

k a bit regret going back to sch today. stressed me out totally. realise i am easily stressed if i study with pple of the same course. but if i am at home with a sister who game rain or shine, exam or no exam ( paiseh jiji. haha) i'll feel super relaxed. i can then go at my own pace and play some games every now and then. but with frens. omg its a different thing. then i go beijing how??!?! *scratch head*

and yeah. i am glad tt this time i've got a great opportunity to go for another interview for the school. yeah. grabbing every chance before it passes me by. and i am looking forward to a photoshoot for a sch brochure. ooh dream come true. hoho. yeah~ =)

fang spoke at : 2:24 AM

oh my gosh. i guess time really flies by.
and like what ming hui says. test come and go so fast!!
gosh~~ cos exam is in less than a months time. :/
but anyway. this sem more slack. heng arh!!

and i am so irritaed by some pple.
STOP saying oh u cant get into medicine so go tcm rite.
helLO!! no assumptions here alrite.
cant u respect other pple's passion and not generalise things??!!
there are plenty of pple who came in with passion for it alrite.
pengs. faints.

today i learnt something new from tcm prof again.
so pple stop comparing the two. respect both! integrate both tog.
we can always 取长补短 .

fang spoke at : 12:00 AM

i am picking up cooking le. hehehe.
after getting bored of outside food.
i decided to learn how to cook to feed myself in china!!!
and yes. thanks to the new sheng siong tt started its business in our neighbourhood last sunday. we get supplies of fresh prawns and fishes tt are still swimming in the tank before we buy it!! sounds quite nasty to them. but they taste great being fresh!! ooH!! i love the prawns there! u simply have to put it in water, add in minimal seasonings and yes. u get a perfect tasting prawn. yummy!
so yep this is a first pic of the things i cooked for dear dear for the first time!!

and he said its bagus! yeah! =)
i am going to learn 4 mre dishes today!! muahahaha.
am lovin' it

fang spoke at : 4:51 PM


whahha. shang han lun is finally over!! YEAH!!!

but i am really tired!!
from all the walking in orchard the entire day after the exam jus to find a cheaper alternative to the crumpler backpack tt i was eyeing on. but it cost 203 bucks!! and it is so aptly termed the cumpler-salary sacrifice. my gosh. indeed!!
but it's a sacrifice tt me jiji made. hahaha. cos it's half a bday present. hehehe. oops.
i love it! the red is so oooh sexy~ =DDDD
hope this backpack can save my poor shoulders from all the tote bags loaded with stuff.
and i weight it. on the first day of sch. it weigh 3 kg.
so subsequently it shld have gotten worse and not any better.
so i badly needed a good backpack to last me thru a few more yrs of sch.
hee. and i love my new bag!!!

fang spoke at : 11:22 PM

this shang han lun's quiz is the worst quiz i've taken ever.
killer man.
me being not confident at all. went in and blank out .
i seem to be able to recall, yet i cant. yet i can yet i cant.
so in the end alot of sent are only half right. woah.
and the comparison of fang.
best. i stoned at it totally.
crap all the way.
bless me.
i am not hoping for anything good.
i jus pray tt i still have tt bit of luck there so tt i wont fare that bad.

sian-ni -fied!!!

fang spoke at : 9:27 PM

its werid how i always turn to housework when i have quiz/exam comin up.
tao bi shi bu dui de. ._.

muscle aching from power yoga . it rocks! looking forward to every lessons now~~
but it is real tiring too..

fang spoke at : 11:40 AM



fang spoke at : 7:14 PM


chek jawa!

fisherman's wharf in taipei!

hualien taroko gorge. YEAH!

kissing a african aboriginal. haha

fang spoke at : 1:10 AM

yeah! this holiday has been really great!
enjoyed every minute of it.

fang spoke at : 12:19 AM


this is the 20% off ring and buy 1 get 1 free! hehe. ultra prettY!!! the rect cut is mine! the square cut is dears. hahahhaa. k i dunno what cut it is called.

we bought 3 rings today!! hahaha.
pretty hor!! =)))))

today i went to alot of places man! first to northpoint esprit, then to amk crocodile shop to buy daddy's day present!! then met dear at bugis to go sim liM! he bought the x mini max speakers. super powerful wor!! so he passing his x mini to me . hehehehe
then finally we went to orchard MIO to get these 3 rings!! and we had YOTEI!! finally had jap food after so long!! =)))))))))))) yum yum!!

very tired!

fang spoke at : 10:57 PM

SUNDAY! COLIMA + YunShan bday! =)

the deco tt we did!

4 truth gang!

ka ming who is back form hk! and yunshan e bday girl ~~
hua hui peeps! =)

fang spoke at : 10:27 PM

Jiam's bday continued!

fang spoke at : 10:06 PM

these few days were busy with many 21st bday parties!! photos shall say it all!

FRIDAY! (6.6.06) ALY's bday @ meritus mandarin

SAT ! JIAM's bday @ sentosa

she is just so cute in this dressing!! KawAii!

her very wonderfully sweet cupcakes! very nice concept!

the pool at the villa. its a rocking pretty place!

fang spoke at : 9:45 PM

woohOO~ these two days of shopping is damn good!
hehee. i spent half or even more of my hard earned money le.
went to queensway twice and orchard twice! hehehe. =))) great shopping places!

so all in all , i've bought:
-nike yoga bag! 22 bucks
-nike sports bra 38 bucks
-nike socks 8 bucks
-giordano pants 22 ( thx dear! )
-clinique moisturiser 69 bucks
eh tt shld be all. all neccessities!! hehehehe

and dear dear gave me a pair of lee cooper covered shoes! hehe. i love it! have been wearing it these two days. very comfy wor~~ =))) thx dear!

and i bought a FERRARI! for dear. hohohho. the shirt only la. cant afford the car mah. lol.

and now queensway got alot of sale on shoes! go get if u need some! xixi bought a tennis shoe from there.
and dear dear bought a teva sandal for ming shu shu! very nice of him wor. very fillial! ^.^

and then we both were planning to go borders to buy a guide book on taiwan! since we are going there sooN` hehehe. but but in the end due to me, we bought a book of china instead. -_-"' hahahaha. poor dear. spent 56 on book of china. hahahaha. becos i wan it. but lucky he got 54 bucks borders card! =)))) hehehe.

and we exchanged some tw money. goodness the exchange rate is good sia. 22 leh! haha. so we both ended up carrying 10k over tw money walking ard. lOL. felt super ricH!! hahaha. but cant spend one. lol.

all in all i am a happy girl~!
with all my 战利品!
muahahahahah! =D

fang spoke at : 10:40 PM


fang spoke at : 12:15 PM

woohoO! time for fishes!! hahaha. these are the two very very pretty fishes tt dear bought long ago! hehe. ultra pretty wor. called albino discus. hehe.

the pencil case tt jiji got for me! hoho. so sweet one. lol. =))

fang spoke at : 1:58 PM

chao da and chao ta will not take each other for granted! =)

fang spoke at : 1:58 PM

alright. today i wan to COMPLAIN!
first is stupid NTU! okie i had always said ntu is great etc etc. nice envt etc.
but there is one thing i really dun understand.
the hall system.
it sucks totally.
can never uds how the pple at the top thinks.
now most of us all cant stay. those who can stay are foreigners.
after putting in so much effort for the halls. we still cant stay.
what joke. and all the foreigners who can score a perfect max pts for distance gets to stay.
u mean u need everyone to be jcrc pres? so as to get 9 for cca?
seriously i have nth against foreigners. i respect them for bein able to protect their own pple.
but this hall system really isnt doing justice to alot of pple esp locals. they wont care if u stay in pasir ris or whatever.
they have company bus for them.
but no school bus for us.
wells the sch is after all in boon lay! like helLO! change the system!

next is nokia. their 3120 sucks. or maybe it's jus our luck.
my dad bought this phone.
they were seriously hard selling it. what free bluetooth headset la etc etc.
0 dollar la.
maybe its jus we suay la hah.
within 8 days it cant on cant charge. its totally like a dummy phone.
sent it to nokia carefor 10 days of repair. at first okie.
by night it became a dummy phone again.
waste my time.
the time of it being in intensive care unit is more than the time it was used. woah.
nokia is screwed.
i still rmb bringing my e65 to repair 1 week after purchase.
what have they been doing besides mass producing?

fang spoke at : 12:29 AM

wah !! damn smellY!!! thou i bathed i still feel tt i can smell the expo food exhibition smell on me!!! oh mY! its on my hair!! arh!!! sian.
the oily oily smell. eeeeeee!!!!!!!!
yea today is the first time i am doing sales promoter for this kinda exhibitions.
and i can tell ya, it is not easy at alL!!!
had to stand 12 hrs is horrible enuf.
and with all the blend of smell from dodo fish ball to fried sotong to laksa to otah to bread to drinks and everything and anything. it really turns u off. oh mY~~ my nose was still a lil blocked due to flu but i cld feel the air blocking it even more. gosh.
super tired!!! haven ever stood for so long before. k i noe i am being princess-y by complaining so much. but yea. sales is really not for me!
but pokka staff are nice i mus say. with quite a few pretty ones! hehehe. nice to look at wor! =))) k my sex orientation is right k. lol. jus think tt they are real pretty~~ hoho.
mascara really helps in beautifying a person sia.see their eyes flutter is like woO~~~ hahaha. no wonder guys wil fall for girls with make uP! lol. and most of them put on make up today while i was make up-less, as usual, felt a lil odd. but i shant put make uP!!! adds on to the cleaning part after a day of tiring work. bleh. alright, i am lazy.
i felt super high on glucose today since all the while i have been taking unhealthy food! all the fried food and spicy food. and oso ALOT of pokka drinks. hahaha.
while pouring into sampling cups , i was pouring some into my private cup too. hahahha. i was really too thirsty la!! all the fried food doesnt do me good. lol.

k wells. lucky no work tml and sun.
resuming on mon and tue.
but no blading tml too. i dun think my leg can tahan !!
i need more exercise man.
and really my hair stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fang spoke at : 11:57 PM

oh my!!
what a day! i was grounded at home cos papa say sick cannot keep going out. so i guai guai stay at home.
then this morning i wanna press the washing machine but realise it jus doesnt move!! went to check and i found out todays electricity will be cut off till 5!!! arH!!
and stupid me usually will slp till 11 am everyday , today i woke up at 9am and cldnt go to slp anymore. diaoz. damn sianz can.
so i was doing a bit of housework and the cross stitich tt i've put away for very long. hahahhaa.
so i was trying to convince myself, yeah one day free from all the net and phone shldnt be a prob. but still i realise i acnt live without it.
and my good hp accompanied me all the way. kudos to it! it was left with only 14% batt today. and by the time elect was back it was only left with 1%!!! ooH!! hehehehe,.

fang spoke at : 4:53 PM


wOO~ i love this pic! but i love the person in the pic more. ;) HEHEHE.

hehe. this is a pic requested by eileen cos she was amazed by how our eyes look so alike! lOL

EIleen Loo~~~ hehehe. =D

Michelle! the very chio girl in our course!

eileen michelle and ying yue with her stunning purple hair. look like viwawa character. hahaha

fang spoke at : 11:59 PM

xu hua and brandon!

us alL!

super ugly pic.. hahaha.

beautiful sunset i saw on monday ! haha

me all wrapped up with guards for my first try on blades. hehee.

fang spoke at : 11:58 PM

yeah! today is fun!!!!!
we all went to learn blading! hoho! heng i went to learn a bit on monday alr. if not today i will be the one toppling here and there and landing on my bum all the time! hor~~ eileen~~ muahahahha.
wells, i am not much better la. still cant really go fast. really mus learn to walk before i can learn to fly. bleahs.
yeah! enjoyed the wind alot!
and me, being very gei kiang , wanna hold dears hand to blade fast fast! in the end ended with a great big falL! i just landed on my bum with a ultra HUGE IMPACT!!! arh!!!! damN PAIN damn pAIN!! my gosh! i was stunned. i went blur! peng my shoulder was damn pain. i thot i dislocated my arm or sth. arh. and so i was there sitting awkwardly in the mIDDLE of the cycling lane , not being able to move, seeing brown patches every where, with an unmovable arm! damn malu.
so yea. as everyone put it, how to learn blading without falling??!?! so yeah. tt is a testimony to me moving on in blading. cos i will never dare to gei kiang and land myself butt down onto the floor again! cant they invent a butt padding?!?! but meiling said it'll be super unglam. i thot it sounds logical. ahhahaha. need ALOT more practice arh!
but yeah. i am aiming to be a uber cool blader. one with tan tan skin. wear sunglasses, cap, listen to walk man, and blade along with the wind blowing against my silky hair. HEHEHE. still quite a distance to it. since whenever i wanna stand up straight i will have the tendency to fall back. i need practice!!!

hehe. nice day out girls! and guys! hahaha.

BUT, i kena flu . sianz~~~ gonna pop a panadol down and slp it away! hehehe

fang spoke at : 11:16 PM

when i was on the bus home yesterday.
i saw rows of pretty trees lining the road.
their beautiful vase shaped branches awed me.
i was amazed by their uniformity and beauty.
but upon closer look,
i saw countless cuts on each tree .
they too, were manipulated to conform to a general shape.
a shape tt will be accepted by the society.

fang spoke at : 2:19 PM

today is a very very nice day out! =)))
frankly, i haven felt this comfortable and close to them for so long le.
for a period of time i felt we had distant away.
but today was a prove tt our friendship is still strong and steady! =))))
we laughed from beginning till the end! super entertaining. great combi! =) hahahhahaa.
and congrats to our da niu wor~~~! hahaha.
happy 21st bday wor!! =)))

now i believe tt e quality of friendship depends on how u view it.
if u think u have distant, u wld.
if u think u did not, u wont! =)
its all in the state of mind!

fang spoke at : 12:58 AM

think yest i spend the longest time ever in my life in front of the computer.
i sat there from 2pm til nite 3am.
just to finish the young warriors of the yang clan 2006 serial.
gosh. make me laugh and cry, with all the emotional upturns and downturns.
even when i went to slp i cldnt slp!
keep thinking of their horrible death and extreme loyalty.
ultra good acting. thumbs up!! =))))

fang spoke at : 2:03 PM

went to work these two days! yeah! =)))
thanks to mei ling i found work! hahaha yeah .
and it is super slack. 2 hrs per day. each hr 10 bucks! muahahhaa.
but these two days we only did work for one hour the rest of the time was spent waiting and going home earlY! yeah! =)
but the one hour of working is jia lat.
we were giving away free granola bites by quacker.
and some pple are jus...... shakes head. shant comment much!
pple were jus snatching away!
heng todays traffic was much better.

but i cut my hand. pain pain.! underneath the naiLs! bleh. pain!

cant wait for blading!

fang spoke at : 3:07 PM

haha how werid. i jus read some blogs.
and i realise pple get more and more sentimental as you grow older.
and i happen to come across my very very very old blog.
the one tt i closed down in jc1.
and when i looked at the pple linked to my blog.
i realise it has all changed.
i dunno what to feel.
change is indeed the only constant.

but i really treasured you, sook.

fang spoke at : 1:13 AM

wah! my 4 limbs are all aching!!!
my right hand due to badminton yesterday.
and my legs due to yoga esp lightning posture! i am loving yoga more and more.
enjoy the aching feeling. HAHA. siao .
i feel good after sweating. =))))

and i did really stupid things today!
so i was trying to find jobs on jobstreet and jobsdb. since i am like mushroom-ing away everyday.
so i was sending alot of emails out! tilL a pt in time i realise i forgot to attach resume for the previous few!!
and then after tt lucky me got one company tt i rmb to put resume called, saying they'll send an email to me regarding the interview details. so i waited and waited.
i kept checking my ntu mail since tt was what i used to send out.
then till 5 i still dun hear reply from them.
before leaving i habitually checked my gmail.
and then they sent the email there!!
then i rmb i put gmail in my resume and sent emails using ntu maiL!!!!!
i was so blur!!!!!
my sister say how did i even get an interview.
dear dear was totally stunned too. O_o
lucky me!
HENG arh!

i cannot be so blur alr! >_<

fang spoke at : 10:59 PM

yeah~ today went to move out of hall. and my stuff filled the entire lorry! lOL
damn funny. full of things to pack and keep away when i got back.
tiring day.

ltr went to queenstown!
anchorpoint has a lot of factory outlets man!
thou the stuff aint all tt fantastic. it was all messed up.

ikea has a lot of pple thoU! and alot of construction going on as well.
so sick of seeing ocnstruction sites every where.
my flat is building lift now. and it wont be done till 2010~! woah.

we only bought stuff at queensway shopping centre in the end.
and we went back to a bag shop 3 times!
the uncle is very nice. he treated me to a cup corN!
haha. drew bought a crumpler! cute and usable one.
sis bought a timbuk2 for zuo ling.
i bought a lil doraemon for sis.
i din get anything!!! bleh.
i got food! lol. hahahha

yeah great day. finally some shopping. tired

fang spoke at : 10:36 PM

alright time flies.
it is going to be the end of april alr!! omg!!
still left with one more paper.
pharmacology is 'feeding' me with too many drug names tt seem impossible to be memorised.
pengs. with all the receptors, effects, side effects and blah..
and tcm pharmaco is sick too! with such weird phrasing tt i dun uds.
fancy shrinking and dilating blood vessel can occur tog?? and never say shrink what dilate what??
and with 5 self study papers tt i dun uds at all.


state of confusion.
state of wanting to nau but cannot nua, wan to play game but must ctrl.
but then wan to study oso cant absorb.
so i was jus purely lying ard , snoring away. and dazing.

i wan to get pass this stage fast man.

fang spoke at : 11:25 PM

hmm out of some twist and turns , i've got a new phone again.
but this time i din request for one. maybe it is jus destined tt i change my hp everyyear.
but i still miss my e65. need some time to get use to the tiny keypad of w890i.
and its a change from nokia to se. hmm.. shall see how it is.
but the phone is really damn slim! H~MM~. can play with it lo!

fang spoke at : 10:58 AM

i suddenly realised tt i am jus 5 days to exams.
and i dun feel the sense of urgency
in fact i have NOT even started my revision.
tcha haven even finished treaching.
while everyone has ended their classes.
we are still busy trying to finish what we have.

yest i had yoga.
today is a free day. i went to swim.
and owing to these two sports.
i am physically and mentally drained.
提不起劲 at all.
i feel lethargic all day.
so there goes my free day.

guess i have to mug soon?
but where to find time?
i shld be more determined to study than slp le. :(

and dear was studying my baluku.
and he found a small lil green spider.
then i asked: shld we kill it?
dear said: nvm la, let it live there. shld be fine.
then today we looked at it again.
there is a spider web ard my lil baluku. :(
shld have killed tt spider.
but dunno where is it hiding now. bleh. sad.
hope it doesnt produce too much offsprings.

fang spoke at : 7:11 PM

MY! think i haven gone out to shop for a long long time!!!!
so yesterday i felt like a tiger let out of the cage. wanting to snatch and buy everything i see.
BUT my self control has improved tremendously i guess. i din get anything for myself in the end. :(
cos everything is so exp! thou i think with jus 200 dollars i can get all tt i wan.
but money dun come by easily.
i knew it after walking thru an ultra HEAVY downpour with thunderstorm, carrying two heavy bags . and having to hold a small umbrella tt cld only barely cover everything. felt so 狼狈. i was ALl wet by the time i reached my tutee's place. but i had no choice but to brave thru the rain for tuition. for jus a mere 60 bucks tt i usually jus spent on a SINGLE meal. how sinful. tt wld be 20 bowls of mee my mum n dad has to sell. gosh. :(

wells. yea so i am becoming a bit more aware of how much i am spending. i am picking up the habit of saving again , after dumping the thot for god knows how long. cant rmb the last time i saved. cant rmb the last time i shopped either. no wonder i find myself wearing the same things over and over again. boring!

wells. so i have this wish list:

1) puma bag 69 bucks
2) everlast covered shoes 39 bucks
3) belt 40 bucks
4) oakley sunglass case 60 bucks
tt wld be a nice 200 bucks eh.
no i must save!!!

and things i bought
1) two seahorse pillows for my parents 80 bucks
2) a coin pouch for dear 8 bucks
3) a belt for dears papa 44 bucks.

k enuf spent. i shall jus make do with what i have!!! determined!

9 more days to exams .
woah! time flies!

gotta mop the floow ltr ~~~

fang spoke at : 12:03 PM


yeah! the 3 of us!! =)))) my bestest clique! =)

fang spoke at : 7:05 PM

the views from the spectators stand. used to have all our morning assemby on the field. and watching sports day on the specs stand. oh fond memories.

sn cheerleading are the best tt i have seen!

fang spoke at : 6:45 PM


sn.hcjc.ntu-->bms/tcm yr 2


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